Don't you want to be a good wife AND a happy wife?

A Love Letter

from One Wife to Another.....

Dear Wifey,

Being a wife is not always easy!

No need to be embarrassed about it.  It's just our reality.

You’re taking care of your spouse, your kids, the house, and everything else in between!

And, you've probably lost yourself in the process of being everything to everyone else.

Your life has not panned out exactly how you thought it would:

  • You're struggling to balance it all!
  • You haven't dealt with some unresolved issues (and it's weighing you down).
  • You don't make love to your spouse enough (you're physically exhausted or emotionally checked out).
  • You don't know what would make you happy anymore or you know what would make you happy but don't quite know how to get to your happy place.
  • You want to take better care of yourself, build a stronger bond with your spouse, and work on your own personal growth and development but you don't even know where to begin.

Until now...........

That's why I want to formally introduce you to.....

The Academy is designed to help you get the clarity, the courage, and the confidence to create the life and relationships you love.


The DNA of a Happy Wife®️ Academy is for you if.....

You've lost yourself and don't know what would make you happy anymore.    

You feel like you’re doing everything without much help.

You’re worked up and worn out trying to balance it all.

You don’t feel good about yourself.

Your sex life is stale or predictable.

You can’t express your thoughts and feelings and holding it all in.

You feel like you’re not being heard and are often misunderstood.

You have trust issues and it’s a struggle to restore the confidence you once had.

Your finances are not where you want them to be.

You don’t have fun like you used to.

How many of those statements describe your situation?


Imagine what it would feel like to realize that you really do have the power, influence, and impact to transform your life and relationships!

That's why it is so important for you to invest in your own personal growth and development.  

A wife who does not invest in herself will NOT be able to become the happy wife that you always dreamed you would be.

Don't Do This!

  • Don’t settle for just being a good wife. Strive to be a good wife and a happy wife!
  • Stop thinking that you don't have the wherewithal to invest in yourself (it's just fear talking).
  • Don't make excuses that you don't have time (you make time for the things that you really want to)!
  • Stop neglecting yourself (your mental, emotional, and physical health is on the line and it's time to nourish your soul).
  • Don't underestimate the power of taking your happiness as a wife to the next level!

What else do you need to know about 

The DNA of a

Happy Wife®️



This is the ONLY comprehensive wife support system of its kind that focuses on helping amazing wives like you go from feeling complacent, hopeless, or lost as a wife to making your happiness a real priority (without neglecting the people and things that matter the most to you).

You will find your authentic voice and use your influence to tap into your power and experience personal fulfillment and true happiness.

What will you discover in

The DNA of a Happy Wife® Academy?

VOW 1:

Reclaim Your Happy

You will take charge of your own happiness and not allow other people to steal your joy.

Happy Wife Guide

VOW 2:

Set Up Your Support System

You will get the help you really need so everything doesn't fall on your shoulders.

To-Do List Reconciliation

VOW 3:

Look and Feel Your Best

You will feel good about yourself and walk in confidence.

Mojo Maker

VOW 4:

Prioritize Your Self-Care

You will find time to indulge in self-care without feeling guilty about it.

Self-Love Habits

VOW 5:

Spice Up Your Sex Life

You will have the energy and the desire for sex.

Intimacy Intrepreter

VOW 6:

Speak Your Truth

You will share your thoughts and feelings instead of holding it all in.

Communication Pathway

VOW 7:

Communicate without Conflict

You will communicate more effectively and use your words to build a closer connection.

Fight Fair Formula

VOW 8:

(Re)Build Trust

You will step outside of your comfort zone to get over the past hurts that are holding you hostage.

Foundation Builder

VOW 9:

Fix Your Finances

You will save and spend money with purpose.

Money Matters

VOW 10:

Free Yourself

You will enjoy life and be more fun to be around.

Playful Pleasures

With this foundation, not only will you know what it really takes to elevate your wife life, you’ll also know what strategies to use when you think your values are being compromised so you can get things back on track.....faster!

So Wifey, what are you waiting for?


What else will you get?

Once you enroll in the Academy, you will receive login information to our Happy Wife Hub.

This is where you’ll gain access to each Q&A session, including the recordings, the Happy Wife Work downloadable worksheets, the pre- and post- Happy Wife Proficiency Assessment, as well as access to our private happy wife collective.


You’ll attend live Question & Answer sessions where get your questions answered and view the accompanying coaching and training materials.


Can’t make a session or need to hear a session again for extra reinforcement? No worries! Each session is recorded, and you can view the replay on demand. 


Pre- and Post-Assessment to evaluate your Happy Wife Proficiency. 


During the implementation weeks, you will have an opportunity to complete your happy wife work to help drive the results you’re looking for.


This is an exclusive community for wives. It is an encouraging feeling that you are not alone and that there are other like-minded wives who are also routing for your success.


Included as a fast-action bonus, you may receive a bonus ticket to attend the next Happy Wife Sororority event.

Hey Wifey, I'm Teleshia

I am Teleshia Delmar and I am a good wife and a happy wife!

After 22 years of being a wife, I've learned a lot about myself and what I need to be a happy wife.

There's so much that I had to learn on my own because my mom could not teach me how to be a wife and I didn't have any positive and happily married wives in my inner circle to help guide my in my journey as a wife.

So my wifehood was unnecessarily rough.

I had to learn how to let go of some of the things that my hubby would do that would irritate the heck out of me for the sake of my emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

I had to find out what would really make me happy and pursue that because I had to learn (the hard way) that it was not my hubby's job to make me happy.

I had to be clear about my non-negotiables, and be able to share those things with my hubby in a non-confrontational way.

I can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

After quickly learning that being a wife is much more complicated than I thought it would be, I decided to invest in me. 

I went to counseling, read plenty of books, and conducted my own research to help me steer my wifehood to a much better place.

Then, I became a certified life coach, certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy so that I could help other wives too.

I would love for you to give yourself permission to enroll in the DNA of a Happy Wife®️ Academy.

If you have any questions, click the "Learn More" button below and schedule a complimentary call with me so we can discuss whether the Academy is right for you.

Helping wives create the life and relationships they love,

Teleshia Delmar

The Wives Confidante

Founder & CEO of the Happy Wife Sorority

What Some Wives Have Said…..

As a new wife-to-be everything shared was a little nugget of inspiration and guidance as I start this new journey.

K.T., Alexandria, Virginia

Even after being married 19 years, I learned so much. Really appreciated the assessment. It is absolutely worth the investment.

A.A., Baltimore, Maryland

This has helped us tremendously. With the uncertainty of the world, it weighed a lot of frustration on the both of us. We forgot our why and spending time with one another. Thank you for this challenge because it was truly fun.

A.B., North Augusta, South Carolina

Teleshia was a very good facilitator. She is genuine and has proven expertise to lead the group.

T.P., Bowie, Maryland

Your emotional, mental, and physical well-being is on the line!

Investing in yourself to help you become an even happier wife is PRICELESS!

Don’t Miss Out OnThis Opportunity!

The The DNA of a Happy Wife®️ Academy is a training and coaching program for wives. Teleshia Delmar, the Founder and CEO of the Happy Wife Sorority, is a certified life coach, a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Teleshia Delmar is not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or counselor. The information on this website and all services provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional counseling. See the complete disclaimer here and our privacy policy here.

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